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Elena's story

As an ER nurse in a high-level trauma center in the Bronx, Elena experienced the firsthand effects of Covid-19. When this pandemic hit not only was the hospital turned upside down, so were her living conditions.

With all three children back from school, Elena’s family has had to adjust to a new lifestyle together. They live in a cramped apartment where the living room couch has now become Elena’s bed. The extreme physical and emotional stress that our ER nurses face on a daily basis require them to be well rested and energized.

Elena is a caring, selfless person who advocates for others. She is devoted to her profession as a nurse and works hard to improve the lives of others. Now it’s time to return the favor and advocate for her.

The Big Reveal!

With schools closed, Elena’s three daughters were all also home at the same time, cramming the family into their Mamaroneck apartment and relegating Elana to sleeping on the living room couch.

Of course, no first project ever goes exactly as planned, and after the two read about a local nurse and single mother living with her three children, it quickly became apparently this job was a double. To get Elena her own space back, the team freed up space by a shared bedroom for Elena’s daughters.


The next step became making her new bedroom a place where the girls’ mother could actually recharge.

“The extreme physical and emotional stress that ER nurses face on a daily basis require them to be well rested and energized,” says Touijer. “Part of the room design centered on creating a sanctuary for Elena. We accomplished this by using a calming color palette, luxurious textiles, and blackout drapery provided by The Shade Store.”


“We are delighted to see how our room redesigns bring such joy to individuals like Elena and her family, Touijer says. “Their ecstatic reactions and true appreciation of our hard work are the reason why we do what we do.”


While the new spaces give off the quintessential #CozyPlaces vibe that’s so in right now, we think Elena’s reaction to her new bedroom says it best. “I feel like such a grown-up now!”